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Awards lesson December 2016

Our 6th annual Awards lesson December 2016. Every winner was well deserved.

Beginner Grading December 2016

Sensei Suzie 3rd Dan JKA ran a great course and grading for our beginner students. Congratulations to all those that passed.

Full Grading December 2016

Great courses and grading with Sensei King 4th Dan. Sensei King took the black and brown belts throgh an excellent course covering comman difficulties such as Hip movement. The Main course covered Kihon Kata and Kumite. We were please that Sensei Hori 5th Dan from Cambridge KC were able to join us for the couse and grading.

Full Grading July 2016

Motivational courses and excellent grading with Sensei Adel, Head of the JKA England.

JKA National Championships 2016

Our 2016 Saikyou squad, worked very hard to prepare for the JKA National Championships this year. With a great performance from all concerned from squad members: Oliwia; Rachel; Tom; Aiden; Neel; Jack; Dylan; Ben; Joe; Cornelius; Agatha and Ruby. A special mention for a fantastic result as Agatha took the Bronze for Kumite and Oliwia took Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite.

Full Grading April 2016

Very good grading with Sensei Dobson 4th Dan. Congratulations to all those who passed. See additional photos

Beginner Grading April 2016

Sensei Suzie 3rd Dan JKA ran a great course and grading for our beginner students. Congratulations to all those that passed.

Dan Grade Certificates January 2016

Congratulations to our first Blackbelts. Very well done indeed. Nathan Oliver and Nathan receiving their authentic Dan grade certificates on genuine Japanese ricepaper from Japan.

Copperbox Course January 2016

Many Saikyou students attended the excellent copperbox course at the Stratford Olympic park. It ws a fantastic course with each group having their own Sensei teaching them. Well done to all who attended. 

Awards Ceremony December 2015

Our 5th annual awards ceremony. Every winner was well deserved. 

Beginner Grading December 2015

Our beginners grading with Sensei Susie. Everyone tried very hard. 

Full Grading December 2015

Photos from a very good grading with Sensei Tomlin 6th Dan

Sensei Ogane Course December 2015

Saikyou were lucky enough to be invited to the special course at the Yushikai Academy in Billericay. Sensei Ogane has recently completed the JKA Instructors course in Japan. It was a very technical course and enjoyed by everyone.

K2 Crawley September 2015

The International course with Sensei Imura 8th Dan, Sawada 7th Dan and Ohta 7th Dan. Followed by Black Belt Grading. Three new Black Belts, Nathan Thomson, Oliver Ford & Nathan Ford all passed Shodan first time, as did their fellow student Trent Moroney from our sister club Yushikai Academy.

Grading July 2015

Some photos from our grading with Sensei Ismail. Congratulations to all thos that passed.

Grading March 2015

Grading photos with Sensei D'Onofrio. Congratulations to all those that passed.