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Formed in 2011, Saikyou Karate club is a family run club open for adults and children alike catering for age 5 upwards. We accept complete beginners up to experienced black belt grades. Through your study of Karate, you will gain fitness and a new awareness about yourself along with martial art skills. We specialise in:






Saikyou translates as Ultimate or strongest, but Karate doesn't rely on strength alone. Skill, speed and accuracy of technique are all required. We study the Shotokan style of Karate and are affiliated to the Japan Karate Association (JKA).

The instructors have competed at national level and taken many medals over the years, Gold, Silver and Bronze; The JKA standard is very high and in our first interclub competition, Saikyou students took 17 medals, 3 gold, 7 silver and 7 Bronze medals. The Saikyou club did very well at our first National competition in 2012 taking 3 medals, Gold, silver and Bronze in Kumite. At the 4 Nations cup competition in late 2012, the Saikyou squad took, 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in Kumite and a 4th place in kata.

However competition is only one side of Karate and as a traditional club, the study of Karate itself is its own reward. Our program of study and training methods will help you acquire effective skills in self defense and to gain the self confidence needed in today's world.