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Funakoshi Gichin was the founder and Master of Shotokan Karate. Nakayama Masatoshi helped to found the JKA....

The twenty precepts of karate was written by Master Funakoshi and these form the foundations of Karate...

The JKA has had an impressive list of senior and chief instructors over the years. Master Masaaka Ueki is currently Chief Instructor of JKA Worldwide...

The Dojo "Training Hall" operates by a series of rules referred to as the Dojo Etiquette. This covers how to dress, behave and how to treat other students and instructors....

The Dojo Kun, is a series of Motto's or statements that one should live ones life by.

Karate uses all parts of the body to block, kick and punch. Karate is a total workout, developing strength and agility, suited to everyone, young and old, male or female, girls and boys alike. We study 3 main areas of Karate. Kihon (Basic Techniques), Kumite (Fighting) and Kata (Forms). Our basic techniques are the foundations for all Karate and the building blocks of Kata and Kumite.

Originally developed in Okinawa and then refined in Japan, Karate has become a worldwide phenomenon with Hundreds of thousands of participants across the globe. There are many different styles of Karate and many associations. We are part of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and as such study the Shotokan style.

All students are different and therefore we teach each student according to his or her abilities. We follow the grade system where students are examined to achieve their next belt level known as a Kyu Grade. There are 10 Kyu Levels. 

Belt Colour                        Grade            

White Belt                           Novice             

Orange & White Belt        10th Kyu          

Orange Belt                        9th Kyu            

Red Belt                               8th Kyu            

Yellow Belt                          7th Kyu            

Green Belt                           6th Kyu

Purple Belt                          5th Kyu

Purple & White Belt          4th Kyu

Brown Belt                          3rd Kyu

Brown & White Belt          2nd Kyu

Brown & 2 White Belt      1st Kyu

Black Belt 1st Dan            (Shodan)

There are also 10 levels of Dan Grades, from 1st Dan to 10th Dan

Sensei Rowland Costin Competing in the JKA England National Championships. 2010