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Before the lesson

All students when they enter the dojo, should bow into the Dojo and then take off their socks and shoes, then check in at the registration desk.

If it is your first lesson, let the Instructor's know and they will tell you what to do. If it is the first lesson of the month and you are not paying by standing order, then your subs (Monthly fee) will be due and you should pay this straight away.

Before the lesson starts, do stretch yourself or practice your karate. If you need to go to the toilet, do so on arriving, do not disrupt the lesson by needing to go half way through.

When you are called to line up, quickly and quietly move to the 2 or 3 lines in the Dojo and line up with the other Karateka (Karate Student). Line up facing the Instructor with High Grades on the left to beginners on the right, in grade order.

If you arrive late at the dojo and the warm up has already started, get yourself ready and kneel down at the front of the Dojo and sit by the side on your knees, so that you can be seen by the Sensei taking the warm-up. When they nod to you to join in, bow and quickly move to a free space at the back of the Dojo. If the Lesson has already started, quickly warm yourself up and then sit down in the Kneeling position and await to be bowed in.

Hands and feet should always be clean and nails trimmed short. No jewelry or watches can be worn, if a ring or earring cannot be removed, then please cover it with tape to prevent accidents.

Unless it is very hot, we do not take a drinks break during the lesson as it disrupts training and is not necessary, so do not ask. However, do bring a drink with you, A sports / isotonic drink, squash or just plain water which is best. Do have a drink before the lesson so you are hydrated.

During the Lesson

Refrain from talking at all times. Do not interrupt the instructors when they are talking. If you wish to ask a question, raise your arm.

Karate can be a dangerous art and you should focus and pay attention at all times. Listen to the instructions you are given and always try your best. Always show respect to your opponent by bowing to them when required.

Parents can remain to watch, though some children can concentrate better when their parents are not there. Please use the benches or chairs provided at the sides of the Dojo. Please turn off all mobiles or put them on silent mode. If spectators receive a call during the lesson, if urgent please leave the dojo to answer it. Spectators are asked to refrain from coming and going from the dojo during the lesson as it can distract the students.

After the lesson

Feedback on the lesson may be given or announcements may be made so listen carefully. We finish the lesson with a bow.  Leave the Dojo as quickly as possible as their may be another class immediately afterwards. Make sure you take all your belongings with you.

Bowing etiquette

The lesson may begin or end with a formal bow as follows.

1) 'Rei'. Standing, all bow and say "Oss"

2) 'Seiza'. Sensei's turn to the front and kneel down and say Seiza. (Students kneel down)

3) 'Mokusoh'. All close their eyes and meditate to clear the mind.

4) 'Mokusoh Yame'. Open your eyes, meditation is finished.

5) 'Shomen Ni Rei'. Kneeling, all bow to the front (Shomen) No Oss.

6) 'Sensei Ni Rei'. Kneeling to the front, Sensei's now facing the students, all bow and students say "Oss".

7) 'Otaga Ni Rei'. Still kneeling, all bow to each other and all say 'Oss'.

8) 'Kirutsu'. Sensei will stand and on command students will stand.

9) 'Rei'. Finish with a standing bow and say 'Oss'.