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East London JKA Interclub Competition

By Rowland Costin posted October 22, 2016

Well done to the Saikyou squad who competed in the East London Competition today.  Everyone tried really had and performed well. Special congratulations to: Oliwia Semla, Double Gold; Nathan Thomson, Double Bronze; Oliver Ford, Bronze in Kata and Nathan Ford Bronze in Kumite. Well done to all.

East London JKA Interclub Competition

JKA National Championships

By Rowland Costin posted June 27, 2016

Our squad attended the JKA 4 National championships in June. The squad tried really hard and did very well. We are pleased to anounce that Oliwia Semla, Red belt, took silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite. Meanwhile Agatha Cowland Brown Belt, was awarded the Bronze medal in Kumite. Our congratulations to them and all of the squad members.

2016 National Championships squad.

Saikyou Karate Receives Club 50 Award

By Rowland Costin posted June 27, 2016

The JKA recently started a recognition award for excellence in recruiting and keeping Students. At the JKA National Championships, Sensei Rowland Chief Instructor at the Saikyou Karate club was presented with the Club 50 award. This was for achieving the level of 50 students in the club since last year. The Instuctors at Saikyou KC try very hard to both recruit and keep students, with interesting teaching programs, courses and competitions, as well as teaching one of the most popular styles of Karate in the world.

Chief Instructor Sensei Costin recieves Club 50 award from JKA England.

JKA 4 Nations Championships

By Rowland Costin posted October  15, 2015

Our squad attended the JKA 4 Nations championships in September. The squad tried really hard and did quite well. We are pleased to anounce that Ben Brann Yellow belt, took 3rd place in the Kumite.

Our 2015 Squad for the 4 nations championships.


By Rowland Costin posted September 13, 2015

Congratulations, Nathan, Oliver & Nathan! Ten-Year-Old and Twin Boys Pass Black Belt on their First Attempt!

Ten-year-old Nathan Thomson,  passed his first Dan Black Belt grading along with fellow students 14 year old Twins Oliver & Nathan Ford, all on their first attempt. The grading, which was overseen by a panel of senior Japanese Instructors, IMURA (8th Dan), SAWADA (7th Dan) & OHTA (7th Dan), took place at the K2 Centre in Crawley on Sunday, 13 September 2015.

Nathan Thomson who has been training for over 4 1/2 years, started karate while he was still 5 years old. He has always been a dedicated student and has had many success at national level competitions throughout the years, including many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Ford Twins, Nathan and Oliver have been studying Karate for the last 4 years and it is notable that they have also done well at National competitions over that time. Taking numerous Gold, Silver and bronze medals.

Rowland Costin (3rd Dan), Chief Instructor at Saikyou Karate Club expressed his pride at the young student’s latest achievements. He said: “The boys performed to a very high standard at their grading, they are very dedicated to their Karate and they always show up to training with a great attitude! We expect that they will have a great future in the Karate world and we are looking forward to their future successes."

Sensei Rowland teaches with his wife Sensei Ilona (2nd Dan). She added "Little Nathan did extremely well. The twins performed to a very High standard, Its great that the twins both passed at the same time. In teaching together with my husband, the students are able to take different aspects of Karate from both of us." 

Nathan Ford, Nathan Thomson and Oliver Ford after their sucess.


By Rowland Costin posted July 30, 2015

Sensei Rowland undertook his International Instructor D License in May 2015. Sensei Rowland commented, "Its hard work constantly applying yourself, studying, trying to get to the next level. However, if you don't keep pushing yourself, you don't stand still, you fall behind".

Sensei Rowland had previously undertaken in 2014 the JKA England Internal Instructor and Referee Level 1 exams, Passing with flying colours. There are 4 levels of Instructor and Referee exams, rising from the lowest at Level 4 and the highest at Level 1. There are limitations, you cannot take Level 2 until you are 2nd Dan and Level 1 until you are 3rd Dan. You must pass both Level 1 Instructor and Level 1 Referee before you are allowed to take the prestigious International Licenses.

Sensei Rowland added, "I was very pleased to pass the D-License Instructor exam along with a few of my fellow Instructors from other clubs in the UK. Its still nerve racking to stand up in front of Senior Instructors from Japan and our own Chief Instructor Sensei Ohta". He continued, "The JKA have one of the highest standards in the world in Karate and I am proud to be a part of that".

Sensei Rowland recieving his 3rd Dan certificate from Sensei Ohta.


By Rowland Costin posted November 30, 2013

We are very proud to announce that Sensei Ilona passed her 2nd Dan on the Bath Course, on 30th November 2013. After a hard 3 hour course with Ohta Sensei and Ueda Sensei, She attended the grading. About 35 people were taking their Shodan and approximately 8 were taking their Nidan. Ilona was one of the few to pass this prestigious grade.

After performing excellent basics, Jion and Heian Godan Kata and then freestyle Kumite (fighting), we were all very pleased to hear the Sensei say, "Nidan Pass"

Well done sensei Ilona. Oss

Sensei Ilona recieving her 2nd Dan certificate from Sensei Ohta. Chief Instructor of JKA England.


By Rowland Costin posted November 10, 2013

During November 2013, the world scout Jamboree selection was taking place for Essex in Roxwell to select those scouts that would earn a place in the 2015 Jamboree in Yamaguci in Japan. The scouts were subject to 2 days of gruelling activities many of which were of a Japanese nature. As part of this event, the Saikyou Karate Club were asked to take part and teach 5 groups of 9 scouts over 6 hours. All of the groups participated with enthusiasm and spirit. The ages were from 12 to 16 and varied in their range of martial arts experience from nothing to black belt. The scouts were taught a crash course in basic techniques, kata and Kumite and was enjoyed by all. Each scout received a signed certificate, History of Karate sheet and a Japanese terminology sheet. We wish all the candidates well and success for the future. Photos can be found here. 

Scouts undergoing extensive warm ups before training comences.


By Ilona Costin posted December 6, 2012

After a 3 hour course in Hatfield on December 6th 2012, Sensei Rowland took and passed his 3rd Dan black belt. After some complicated basics, Sensei Rowland had to fight other 3rd Dan contenders and then perform 3 Kata. Sensei Rowland chose to do Jion. He was then asked to perform Heian Nidan and Tekki Shodan.

Speaking afterwards Sensei Rowland commented. "Yes, I was quite nervous, but it does give you an edge. However I felt quite good during the training so was hopeful of a sucessful outcome.

Sensei Rowland passes his 3rd Dan Balck Belt in Hatfield. Dec 2012